What is ACAC?

ACAC is the governing body for a cappella auditions at Wash U. It is made up of representatives from each group, and together they work to organize auditions every fall. If you want to try out for one or more groups, you will need to understand how ACAC works, so be sure to visit the A Cappella Advisory Council web page.

​What if I get called back to more than one group?

Because of the way ACAC runs auditions, you can go to as many callbacks as your little heart desires. To make your final decision for which group you'd like to be in, you have to fill out a preference card. If more than one of the groups you list wants you as a member, the one you list higher (the Stereotypes, duh) will take you. Check out the ACAC website for more information.

Why should I choose the Stereotypes?

This question is answered extensively on the bio page! A shorter answer would be that every group excels in different ways and prioritizes different things - it's up to you to decide what's most important to you.

What are the Stereotypes doing this year?

We'll be producing two HUGE a cappella shows, one in the fall, and one in the spring. We plan to travel for performances in the Midwest (possibly Chicago) during the fall, and we also plan to go on tour during the last week of winter break! (location tbd) All the while, we'll be singing 6 hours a week and enjoying our time together outside of rehearsal as well.

Do I have to have singing experience?

Singing experience is not required to audition or to become a member of The Stereotypes. Shower singers are welcome, as are choir members and famous pop-stars. Our members' various musical backgrounds make the group more interesting.

Do I have to have dancing experience?

Not required, but if you have visual performance experience we love to see that! The Stereotypes choreograph at least a couple songs every semester, but even our most un-coordinated members (there are several) do just fine. We have a Visual Director position that focuses on the creative aspects of our performances.

What if I get nervous for auditions?

Nervous is good! Being nervous means that you care, and we know that. Auditions can be scary, so we try to keep the atmosphere as laid back as possible; we really want you to do your best. If you're feeling really nervous when you walk through the door, just tell us. You'll feel a little bit better right away, and we may be able to to offer you a donut or some cookie cake.

Is there anything else I can do to improve my chances?

Practice, and make sure you're comfortable with every step of the auditions process. Be enthusiastic about singing and music. Try to figure out what you can offer the group that no one else can, and make sure we know it!

Can I audition to do VP only?

Unfortunately, no. We always perform a few songs without vocal percussion every year, so every member of the group must be able to sing in the block. However, if you are a crazy awesome beat-boxing machine, we ask that you still try out -- your singing may be better than you give yourself credit for!

How many people are you looking for?

There's never a definite number of guys we're looking for, but we tend to take between three and five new members every year, and the total number of current Stereotypes usually hovers between 12 and 16.

What voice parts are you looking for?

No matter what they say, every group is always looking for low basses and high tenors. Other than that though, we're just looking for guys whose voices and personalities blend with the group. If that's you, then we can probably find something for you to sing!

​Why are you called "The Stereotypes?"

Aside from the requisite musical pun [see: Preamble to "Constitution for Naming an A Cappella Group"], it gives us license to be politically incorrect. It also represents the group's diversity, not only of race and religion, but of musical background and personality as well. We're all very different guys, coming together because we love to sing.

What kind of time commitment is the Stereotypes?

We spend a good bit of time together. Typical weeks include three 2-hour rehearsals (one on the weekend) and the occasional small gig. Each year, we perform two large-scale concerts, so there's about one week each semester when you'll eat, breathe, and live the Stereotypes. Additionally, we have regular CD recording sessions, we compete in ICCA every other spring, and we tour every few years. Even though the Stereotypes is a significant time commitment, we carefully schedule our rehearsals and events in order to be respectful of our members' lives outside of the group, leaving time for studying, resting, and enjoying other parts of college life (use your imagination). As any of us will tell you, the time we all spend together is absolutely worth it!