Auditions for the Stereotypes are coming up! We will be accepting video submissions for the Spring 2021 starting January 19 through February 4! If you like to sing, we would absolutely love to hear you! Follow our Instagram here to get updates on what you'll need to prepare and of course to get to know us a bit. If you have any questions, don't  hesitate to contact our Group Coordinator, Malik Gaye.​

What to Expect:

  We will be asking for a video submission alongside a couple questions to get to know you better. On this      form, we'll put together a video so you know what you'll need to record and how to do it! 

Some things we might ask of you to submit:
  Tonal Memory


  Vocal Percussion


If you indicate on the questionnaire that you can beatbox, we'll ask you to show us your stuff! Free-style percussion is welcome, though it's also helpful for us to hear you perform as if there were a song playing. We're listening for tempo consistency, creativity, and clarity.



Callbacks will be announced after the submission deadline on February 4.


Further details will be posted to our social channels, so uhh, you might wanna follow :)