We hold auditions annually, every fall. Auditions will be in person in Fall 2022! (dates TBA). If you like to sing, we would absolutely love to hear you! Once audition season begins, there will be a link to sign up for a timeslot on this page.


Follow our Instagram here to get updates on what you'll need to prepare, and to get to know us a bit. If you have any questions, shoot us a DM on there or contact our Group Coordinator, Max Olsher, at​

Your Audition:


Try to arrive at least 5-10 minutes early so you have time to fill out the exceedingly fun Stereotypes questionnaire. Your audition will be approximately 10-15 minutes of pure joy :)


Our music directors, Nick and Martín, will play some simple scales on the piano and will ask you to sing along, moving a half step higher or lower after each scale. This is so we can get an idea of your range, and we'll also be listening for your tone quality and intonation.

Tonal Memory

The MDs will play several series of 3 or 4 pitches on the keyboard, and ask you to sing them back on something like "doo" or "lah." Don't worry about sounding your sexiest -- we're just listening for accuracy here!


THIS is where you can sound your sexiest! You should prepare 30-60 seconds (about the length of a typical verse and a chorus) of a song that really shows off your vocal talent. If you're an opera singer, sing something operatic. If you like musical theatre, pick your favorite showtune. If you drive down the highway with windows down, screaming your lungs out to whatever's on the radio, we wanna hear it!! We want to see how you can add to our musical makeup, and we especially want to hear how you sound when you're singing what you love to sing!

Vocal Percussion


If you know how to beatbox, we'll ask you to show us your stuff! Free-style percussion is welcome, though it's also helpful for us to hear you perform as if there were a song playing. We're listening for tempo consistency, creativity, and clarity.




If you are called back, we'll send you an email with more details. Keep in mind, callbacks will start later that morning (Labor Day), so you should check your email early! Also remember, you can go to as many callbacks as you like.

For more information about the callback process, visit the ACAC webpage.

At the callback, you will be asked to warm-up again (including falsetto), sing a chord with the group, learn part of one of our arrangements, and perform another solo of your choice.

Your callback will be approximately 30 minutes of absolute bliss.